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The Open Semantic Framework is an integrated software stack using semantic technologies for knowledge management. It has a layered architecture that combines existing open source software with additional open source components developed by Structured Dynamics (SD). OSF is designed as an integrated content platform accessible via the Web, which provides needed knowledge management capabilities to enterprises.

This wiki covers all aspects of learning about, using, and managing the OSF stack. All components related to OSF are listed under the OSF Projects category. The components developed by SD are also available in source code. OSF is made available under the Apache 2 license, and the documentation content herein is available under a Creative Commons with attribution license. You are also welcomed to visit OSF's main Web site or to join in OSF's active discussion group.

At present, there are 494 articles under 125 categories on this wiki. Another 628 images support this content.


You are free to download and use this content at will, including downloading the entire site, solely by providing attribution. All content is provided courtesy of SD and its various commercial sponsors, which have graciously funded the ongoing effort. Please let us know if you would care to contribute to this wiki.