Open Semantic Framework (OSF) Sandbox

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The Open Semantic Framework (OSF) Sandbox is a sandbox server hosted by Structured Dynamics where people can experiment with the OSF web services endpoints without having to install the OSF stack on their own server. All the web service endpoints are available to the users. Depending how the sandbox is being used by users, the running sandbox instance may become cluttered and nearly unusable. At that point, the sandbox server will be reinitialized.

To use the sandbox you have to make sure to properly configure your client application. Here is the information required to use the sandbox:

  • Sandbox URL:
  • API Key: EDC33DA4D977CFDF7B90545565E07324
  • Application ID: administer
  • User:

API Libraries

The OSF Sandbox can be used with a series of programming APIs. Here are code examples available for each of these API: