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In a OSF instance (in RDF) everything is/has a URI. A URI is normally a long string of characters that most often looks like a web URL. However, because of the complexity of these identifiers, most of the time we want to shorter them using prefixes. What this configuration section does is to define all the prefixes that we are expecting to use in Drupal. That list of prefixes will be use internally by Drupal's RDF core features. It will also be used by OSF Entities and other OSF for Drupal modules to use them to simplify the data that is exchanged.

Click on the top Configuration menu item. Then, you have to click the Configure OSF for Drupal modules.

OSF for Drupal configurations

Then click the Entities Connector tab. Now you will see all the configuration options.

To configure the index of prefixes, you have to click the Manage RDF Namespaces button.

OSF Entities configuration options

You will then get redirected to a user interface that list all the namespaces used in conStruct. You will see the prefix and the URI that it refers to. You will be able to delete a prefix by clicking the delete link at the right of each prefix:

Osf entities manage rdf namespaces 1.png
Osf entities manage rdf namespaces 2.png

If required, you will be able to add new prefixes to this index by using the Add a new namespace section as shown here:

Osf entities manage rdf namespaces 3.png

Once you defined the prefix, and once you defined the URI that this prefix refers to, then you will only have to click the Add namespace button to add that new prefix to Drupal.