Exporting and Using Wiki Content

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You are free to download and use the content on this wiki at will, including all images and media, under the sole condition to provide attribution.

Exporting Content

To export content, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Special:Export page
  2. Either enter wiki page names in order in the text box or preferably, enter a given category name into the 'Add pages from category:' text box
    • When doing so, make sure and check the appropriate checkboxes at the bottom. For standard wiki exports, select all three checkboxes:
      • Include only the current revision, not the full history
      • Include templates
      • Save as file
  3. Repeat the above with additional categories and/or page names
  4. When all candidates are loaded, inspect the text box and determine if there are any individual documents that you do NOT want to export; delete these from the listing
  5. Select the 'Export' button
  6. At the dialog, pick a local file directory in which you want to save your exports (which are in XML form).

The export file is now saved on your local system (or wherever your save target was).


Please provide attribution as described on the zWiki copyrights page.

Setting Up Your Own zWiki

You may also want to set up a parallel instance of this zWiki, which you then may alter and brand as you see fit locally. Please follow the instructions in Creating Your Own zWiki.