Creating Your Own zWiki

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You may freely set up a parallel instance of this zWiki, which you are then free to alter and brand as you see fit locally, with the sole condition of providing attribution..

This document describes how you may do so.

1. Set Up the Wiki Instance

  1. Download the current MediaWiki software
  2. Install the software
  3. Download and install all of the extensions presently in use for this zWiki
  4. Set up your configuration file similar to the configuration file for this zWiki

2. Skin and Brand

  1. Download and install the zWiki style sheet; replace the style sheet in your " ../mediawiki/zWiki/skins/monobook" directory
    • (Alternatively, and a bit more advanced, create a new skin subdirectory, move the new style sheet there, and make it your default.)
  2. Substitute your own logo (change wiki.png (135 x 135) in " ../mediawiki/zWiki/skins/common/images
  3. Modify the style sheet as desired

3. Export Desired zWiki Content

Follow the instructions on how to export content. Make sure you also export desired images.

4. Import Content into Your Instance

Follow the instructions for how to import content.

5. Provide Attribution

Please provide attribution as described on the zWiki copyrights page.

6. Make Modifications

Thereafter, you are free to modify, add, or delete content on your own instance at will. So long as you provide attribution, you may make your instance public or private (proprietary).

Next Steps

Upon completion of these steps, you are now ready to proceed to Managing a zWiki.