Exporting a Dataset

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Screencast Tutorial


Click on the top Configuration menu item. Then, you have to click the Configure OSF for Drupal modules.

OSF for Drupal configurations

To export a dataset, look for a dataset to export. Then, click the down arrow at the left of the Edit link. Once the panel of possible operations extends, click the Export link.

Dataset export.PNG

Then you will be redirected to the OSF Export module. What you have to do is to specify the export options:

  • Export format
    • Specify the format you want to use to export the dataset
  • Dataset to export
    • Select the dataset you want to export using the tool
  • Number of records per slice (1-1000)
    • It is not possible to export datasets that have more than 1000 records, in one shot, using this tool. The maximum number of records you can export in one click using this tool is 1000. Here you can specify if you want a smaller number of records per slice
  • Slice number to export
    • If you have more records than the number of records per slice you specified, then you can specify which slice of X number of records you want to export in this operation.
If you want to use more powerful OSF export features, then take a look at the Datasets Management Tool command-line tool.

Finally click the Export button to export the data you requested.

Exporting dataset.PNG