Using the Search Engine

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Once everything is properly configured, you can go to the lookup page to start searching for content that comes from your OSF instance. There are three major areas in a search page:

  1. Search box
  2. Search results
  3. Search facets

If you enter a search keyword in the search box, then all the results will appear below that search box and the facets blocks will appears where they got positioned. Each of the facets that have been exposed will be populated with a series of values that could be used to filter the content of the search resultset. The number of records in each facet is displayed in parenthesis.

It is also possible to theme the results that are returned. Check the Theming OSF SearchAPI results section for more information.

Searchapi search.PNG

If you click on one of the facet, you will be redirected to a new search page where the facet as been applied. The number of results should go down after the facet is applied to the search query. More than one facet can be applied to a single search query. Search facets can be removed by clicking the (-) link.

Searchapi search with facet.PNG