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The tracker web service endpoints are used to keep track of the changes of instance records descriptions in a OSF Web Service instance. This documentation page will tell you what you have to do in order to properly install and configure the tracker web service endpoints.

Tracker: Create

The Tracker: Create web service endpoint is called by the CRUD: Create, CRUD: Update and CRUD: Delete web service endpoints, each time that a record get modified in a dataset. For each call it receives, it saves the previous state of the record in the http://.../wsf/track/ dataset.

Pre-Registration Settings

  1. Make sure that the wsf_local_ip IP is properly setuped in network.ini. This is the IP address used by the OSF Web Service instance when it sends queries.
  2. Make sure that track_create, track_update and track_delete parameters are properly configured for your own needs.


The web service has to be registered into the OSF Web Service instance by using the wsf_indexer.php script (until this area get upgraded):

  1. Run:

You are done.