Quick Start with New Data

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In first setting up or expanding an OSF (open semantic framework) instance, configuring for and loading data is always a major component. This Quick Start guide is meant to be a short supplement to the more detailed dataset workflows.

Step 1: Map Out Game Plan

Step 2: Enhance or Extend Ontology

Note: You may be best to use Protégé at this stage, since many of the ontology changes may be large or in bulk. See further structOntology v Protégé?

Step 3: Prepare and Load Datasets

Note: this step assumes you will be loading commON datasets; see the large datasets discussion for that alternate path

Step 4: Refine and Care and Feed Ontology

Note: You may be best to use structOntology for ongoing refinements. See further structOntology v Protégé?

  • You are encouraged to add to the metadata and altLabels (especially) for your existing ontology as you work with it. structOntology is the proper tool for this job.
  1. See further the Individual OSF-Drupal Ontology (structOntology) Tool manual.