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An OSF Widget is a Flex or JavaScript component that takes record(s) description(s) and structXML schema(s) as input from the Open Semantic Framework, and then outputs some (possibly interactive) visualization(s) of that record. Depending on the logic described in the input schema(s) and the input record(s) description(s), the OSF widget will behave differently to optimize its presentation to users. The OSF widgets are provided as a library, though instructions are also provided for how developers may extend the library with their own widgets.

The existing library is available under Apache2 license, and contains the following widgets:

Core Components

  1. sControl
  2. sMap
  3. sRelationBrowser
  4. sStory
  5. sBarChart
  6. sLinearChart
  7. sGenericBox

Extended Components

  1. sText
  2. sImage
  3. sHBox

A site that showcases some OSF widgets is UMBEL, 35,000 reference concepts for the Web.

You are encouraged to go to these sites and see the various OSF widgets in action. You may also want to see the wiki descriptions of the OSF widgets and their APIs.