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The OSF Test Suites are system integration tests for OSF. The suites are an exhaustive set of tests that we are performing on each OSF endpoint. These tests have three main purposes:

  1. Testing a new OSF instance to make sure that all endpoints are operating normally. If they are not, flags will be raised.
  2. Testing an existing OSF instance when the server, or any server components (such as Virtuoso, Solr or MySQL) get upgraded. The tests will help uncovering any possible incompability issues.
  3. Testing an existing OSF instance when OSF gets modified or upgraded.

These tests suites are using the PHPUnit unit testing framework. However, these are not unit tests, but really system integration tests that uses the framework to run the tests and report issues.

Note: these tests suites are under continuous development so as to eventually cover all of the functionalities of OSF. At present, there are about 800 individual tests.

What is Tested

Here is list of things that are being tested on each endpoints. These are the standard tests across all endpoints, but particular tests may be added to some endpoints for some specific checks.

  • All parameters of each endpoint get tested
  • If the tested endpoint returns some kind of resultset, a test is developed for each resultset serialization that is supported by the endpoint. Normally, they are tested for these core serializations:
    • structXML in XML (mime: text/xml)
    • structXML in JSON (mime: application/json)
    • RDF in XML (mime: application/rdf+xml)
    • RDF in N3 (mime: application/rdf+n3).
  • All expected error codes that should be returned by the endpoints

For Further Information

For further information and to download the current test suites, see https://github.com/structureddynamics/OSF-Tests-Suites.