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As has been announced elsewhere, significant changes have accompanied the release of the Open Semantic Framework version 3.0. Besides the functionality and software advances noted in those announcements, there has also been a significant streamlining and simplification of the terminology associated with OSF. The combination of these functional and terminological changes has also required substantial updates across all Web properties, particularly including this wiki, related to OSF.

The leapfrog of versions to 3.0 for OSF provided a perfect occasion to update OSF terminology. As an open-source project that had been under development for five years, the OSF platform had evolved to include an amalgam of components and capabilities developed at different times and for different purposes. Some of these components were developed independently and then brought into OSF; others evolved from prior efforts. The net result was a cacophony of terminology associated with OSF, which made understanding and describing OSF and its vision more difficult than need be.

This terminology has now been simplified and consolidated under the OSF banner. A correspondence table provides the translation of the older terminology to the new, consolidated OSF branding and its now (hopefull) consistent terminology.

Internal references in the code and in all documentation, specifically in the hundreds of articles on this wiki, have also needed to be updated. These changes are in addition to the nearly 200 new articles that are specific to the OSF v. 3.0 release itself. Older OSF articles are now organized under an Archives category on this wiki. This wiki also has been completely re-organized, hopefully now providing a better structure and logical clustering of content than the prior version.

The older, main domain address for OSF ( and its subsidiary domains have also been updated to

All of these changes have needed to be reflected across multiple Web sites related to OSF and Structured Dynamics, OSF's lead developer.

Please let us know if you see missing references or incorrect links across these properties. Enjoy!