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The Open Semantic Framework is an integrated software stack that combines external open source components with specific enhancements developed by Structured Dynamics. OSF is a complete foundation to bring semantic technology capabilities to the enterprise. This wiki, called internally "zWiki" to distinguish its unique use and re-use role, covers all aspects of learning about, using, and managing the OSF stack.

Major components of the Open Semantic Framework have been developed by Structured Dynamics. Most of the documentation pertains to those SD-developed components, for which there is accompanying source code. But the other open source components used in the stack are also documented. All components are related to OSF under the OSF Projects category.

At present, there are 470 articles under 123 categories on this wiki. Another 628 images support this content.


You are free to download and use this content at will, including downloading the entire site, solely by providing attribution. All content is provided courtesy of SD and its various commercial sponsors, which have graciously funded the ongoing effort. Please let us know if you would care to contribute to this wiki.