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NOTE: You may obtain and download the irON Ontology (Instance Record an Object Notation Ontology) from Github.


The irON Ontology (Instance Record an Object Notation Ontology) is an abstract notation and associated vocabulary for specifying RDF (Resource Description Framework) triples and schema in non-RDF forms. Its purpose is to allow users and tools in non-RDF formats to stage interoperable datasets using RDF. It is also the principal basis for describing instance records within an open semantic framework (OSF) installation.

The notation supports writing RDF and schema in JSON (irJSON), XML (irXML) and comma-delimited (CSV) formats (commON). The notation specification includes guidance for creating instance records (including in bulk), linkages to existing ontologies and schema, and schema definitions.


The namespace of this ontology is:

Types and Predicates

For the description of types and properties within irON, see the irON Specification.

Current Ontology Description in OWL/XML

Get the latest version of the irON ontology from this Git repository.