How to Save Filter Selections

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WebMaps (see How to Use the WebMap) have a useful way to save and share their active filter selections. At any point as you work with a WebMap, you can save all of its current settings and configurations -- viewport area, filter selections, and persistent records -- via some simple steps.

You initiate this functionality by choosing the save button at the upper right of the map panel:

Saving a Map Session

When that option is invoked, it brings up a dialog where you are able to name the current session, and provide whatever explanatory notes you think might be helpful.

NOTE: the naming and access to these saved sessions is local to your own use only, unless you choose to share the session with others; see below.

Once you have a saved session, you will then see a new control at the upper right of your map panel. This control is how you load any of your previously saved sessions:

Loading a Map Session

Further, once you load a session, still further options are presented to you that enables you to either delete or share that session:

Additional Options with Loaded Sessions

If you choose to share a session, a shortened URI is generated automatically for you:

Sharing a Map Session

If you then provide that URI link to another user, that user can then click on that link and see the map in the exact same state -- viewport area, filter selections, and persistent records -- as you initially saved. If the recipient then saves this session, it will now also be available persistently for his or her local use and changes.

NOTE: two users may interactively work together by sharing, saving and then modifying maps that they share again with their collaborator.