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This wiki follows some set conventions and structures in order for its content to be properly organized AND to enable proper export and single-source publishing. Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

1: Become Familiar

Please, first become familiar with the general wiki and its formats. The Documentation Guidelines are an essential. Helpful guidance is also provided by the How-to Stuff section on the Main Page.

2: Enter Content

The links above also provide further guidance on editing tools, formats and conventions. You should be familiar with the standard style classes and other editing guidelines. Also, for code listings, please use the code highlighter.


Please provide generous images to accompany your text where appropriate. If at all possible, also upload SVG files so that others may edit your images.

3: Provide Generous Cross-links

Please provide both internal and external links as appropriate.

4: Categorize the Content

When editing a page you may either directly enter the Category info at the bottom of the page edits or choose from the category interface at the bottom of the edit textarea.

  • Every page you create should be tagged with the 'zWiki' tag
  • Every page you create for the first time should have the {{unchecked}} template text provided as the FIRST LINE of your file. When done, it will create a standard box on the page as shown
    Important yellow.pngThis page is unchecked !!!
    • If a site administrator later removes that template, you are free to edit that page without adding the template again
  • If you desire to keep the page you are working on PRIVATE (not public), then assign it the 'Restrict' category tag
  • Become familiar with and assign substantive categories to your content as shown below. Try not to enter both parent and child categories; use the child only. Also try to be judicious in the number of categories assigned.

A site admin will later check the newly created page for adherence to guidelines and proper categorization. Once approved, the {{unchecked}} template is removed from the page.

Site Category Structure