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The Fedora project from Red Hat Software has adopted the Fedora Documentation Project (FDP) to write all its official guides in DocBook XML. These guides are provided to the public in HTML, HTML-Single, and PDF format as described by the project's Web site.

The Fedora project may be another source of guidance and structure for expanding this zWiki.

Similar to this zWiki, the FDP uses a wiki and DocBook as a means of creating consistent, collaboratively authored technical manuals. Portions of this effort might be useful for later expansion of this site. For example, see:

This material also follows the FDP style guide, with these sections:

  1. Introduction to Style
  2. General Guidelines
  3. Content and Rendering
  4. Dates and Times
  5. Fedora-Specific Conventions
  6. Common Mistakes
  7. Quick Reference
  8. Resources