Converter: TSV/CSV Introduction

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The Converter: TSV Web service is used to convert TSV/CSV data into RDF+XML, RDF+N3, TSV, CSV or XML (the internal OSF Web Service DTD structure), or to convert XML (internal DTD) into TSV or CSV data. In other words, this Web service provides the import and export functionality for the TSV (tab separated values) and CSV (comma separated values), which are common text representations of spreadsheets, among other sources.

All converter Web services endpoints are used to convert multiple kinds of data and to make the bridge between an OSF Web Service and other existing systems that understand these formats.

The TSV and CSV format used by this converter Web service is a three-column file that represent a triple. The first column of the format represents the subject of the triple, the second column the property (or predicate) of the triple and the third column represents the object of the triple.

Developers communicate with the Converter: TSV Web service using the HTTP POST method. You may request one of the following mime types: (1) text/xml, (2) application/rdf+xml, (3) application/rdf+n3, (4) text/tsv or (5) text/csv. The content returned by the Web service is serialized using the mime type requested and the data returned depends on the parameters selected.