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Important yellow.pngThis page needs to be updated to OSF v. 3.0; terminology and perhaps images are out of date !!!

Adding content to an OSF portal involves structured content and other (non-structured content). This overview deals with the non-structured components; the structured data components are addressed by the Datasets Workflow document and its subsidiary documents.

The content workflow fits within the overall OSF workflow as follows:

Content icon.png

To understand this workflow in more detail, we first provide a general overview and then attend to the specific parts. If this is your first foray into new content, perhaps you may want to look at First Steps with New Content.

Workflow Overview


Content Types

  • structured
  • semi-structured
  • unstructured
    • documents
    • images

Structured Data


Concept Content

Tagging Content

Document Content

Image Content


Tools and Tooling Environment

Here are the tools steps:

Content tools.png