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This technical wiki (zWiki) is the central repository for all documentation related to OSF projects. At present these projects include:

zWiki is the location for users and interested parties to learn about these projects and their applications, and for developers to author and write about their use and best practices.

zWiki is intended to be the complete go-to resource for all technical aspects regarding OSF code. Specific attention is given to:

  • Systems configurations and architectures to support these open source codes
  • Installation assistance
  • Guidance for how to set-up and maintain these instances
  • Best practices for how to initialize and operate them
  • Technical background information to place these codes in context
  • Links to external resources and documentation.

zWiki is a collaboratively authored knowledge base. Multiple contributors -- based on on merit -- have provided the content on this wiki.

The information on this wiki is freely available for local use under the liberal Creative Commons Attribution License, version 3.0; see OSF-Wiki:Copyrights. Once downloaded, you are free to take and use this content in any manner you see fit. We provide utilities and guidance for how you might take this content to establish your own local knowledge base, again free to evolve in whatever manner you want.

This zWiki represents a new paradigm in open source support, part of what we call an total open solution. If you find it of benefit, we hope you will choose to make contributions of your own to keep this knowledge base humming and relevant.