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AI in Information Retrieval and NLP [1]

General Resources

Introductory texts, talks and courses

Conferences, IR & NLP


Journals, publishers, books




Labs and a few IR/NLP experts

=Wordnet-related Projects

Wikipedia-related Projects

Other very ambitious projects

Semantic Web projects

Other projects of interest

Agents, Avatars, Bots, Virtual Humans


Virtual humans & avatars

Bots (chatterbots)

Beyond bots

Special Topics

Bayesian Networks

Computational biology and bioinformatics applications

Emotions from text

  • Emotus Ponens, MIT Lab textual affect sensing, based on Concept Net.

IR Web interfaces

IR systems demonstrations

Knowledge Modeling, Ontology

Specific domain ontologies

Topic Maps

Other Knowledge Maps

Knowledge management


Medical and biomedical systems

Question answering systems

NLP Tools: Taggers, Parsers, NER, NP chunking, Language models

Word games

Interesting Search Systems


Visualization of texts and documents

Machine translation & NLP

Commercial NLP

  • TEMIS, text mining, extration, semantic solutions
  • Vantage learning, web-delivered instructional, assessment and professional development programs.

Other Resources

  1. AI in Information Retrieval and Language Processing collected by Wlodzislaw Duch